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Welcome to the William G. Smith & Associates (WGS&A) website! Founded in 1986, WGS&A is a small business with extensive expertise in Data Modeling, Information Resource Management, Data Resource Management, Web Design, and training in each of these disciplines. Our international client list (over 250 enterprises) includes many Fortune 500 companies, midsized to small businesses, federal, state, and local government agencies, and non-profit and religious institutions.


There are many "the way we've always done it" aspects of traditional IS/IT within enterprises which literally prohibit IS/IT from designing and building much simpler, more affordable, much more effective, and more flexible information capabilities to power the enterprise. As businesses transact with customers, suppliers, regulators and associates through the internet, internal data messes are much more visible and troublesome to these other parties than ever before. WGS&A provides consulting and training to clients who wish to break from traditional, react-mode IS/IT and its consequences. We term the new and better way as the "Information Resource Management (IRM) approach", conveying that the enterprise must apply the same management principles and techniques to its INFORMATION RESOURCES (its large mass of stored data (the DATA RESOURCE), its large inventories of application program code (the APPLICATIONS RESOURCE), and its large inventories of computer technology, networking, and the operating software that makes it all work (the TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE)) as it does to any other enterprise resources: human, financial, material, equipment, and facilities. We help our clients to rethink their current IS/IT environment, and then plan, design, and implement a new approach which will not only replace the legacy applications and data, but replace them with a vastly simpler, much more stable, much higher-quality, much less expensive, and more flexible information environment. DATA RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is a key part of the IRM environment - cleaning up the prevailing data mess invaribly cleans up the corresponding applications and technology chaos as well.


WGS&A offers facilitation, consulting services, and training in Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Data Modeling. We assist our clients in the planning and preparation for data modeling sessions, facilitate data modeling sessions, train our client's facilitators, review data models, and present outstanding seminars to build Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Data Modeling skills. We specialize in facilitation of data modeling where the subject matter is complex, arcane, and difficult. If done well, data modeling results in physical databases which are subject-organized, elegantly and properly related, robust and easy to change for new data requirements, and very simple and easy for users to understand and access - databases which are a clear and sensible mirror image of the real world persons, places, things, concepts and events about which the data is being kept. We also offer consulting and training services to assist our clients in the establishment and maintenance of very effective Data Management functions within the business, which will ensure that the data resource upon which the business relies is complete, understandable, accessible, non-redundant, well-designed, well-managed, profitable, and secure.


Web design is a relatively recent exploit of WGS&A, which complements our Data Modeling expertise (websites often incorporate and rely upon extensive databases), and also our artistic pursuits. In this arena, our clients tend to be small businesses and non-profits, and we specialize in designing custom websites which perfectly present the desired identity of the client, and which provide the information and functionality desired by the enterprise and the visitors to its website. We also offer graphic design services (logos, banners, business cards, brochures, letterhead and envelopes, etc.), and when necessary, photography services which are perfectly consistent with the business identity presented on the website.

We hope you can find all the information you need about our services using the links above and the main navigational links at the top of each page; please contact us if you have any questions, wish to discuss a possible consulting, training, data modeling, or web design engagement, or if you have any problems using this website. Thanks for visiting!